Die Dichtungsklassifikation des Aristoteles (Claas Lattmann)

Die Dichtungsklassifikation des Aristoteles. Eine neue Interpretation von Aristot. Poet. 1448a19–24, Philologus 2005, 149: 28–51


Abstract: Aristotle’s classification of poetry, as it is sketched in the first three chapters of the Poetics, is widely believed to be inadequate and arbitrary. This belief, however, is inadequate, for it is based on a severe misinterpretation of one of Aristotle’s classificatory criteria (1448a19–24), insofar as it is thought to be equal to the Platonic so-called ‘Redekriterium’. If, instead, the Aristotelian criterion is interpreted solely in the framework of the Aristotelian Poetics itself, the whole classification turns out to be highly reasonable and adequate, especially since it also accounts for the lyric genres.